Theatre and performance

Curve theatre

I worked with Curve to promote various productions online and in print including The Laramie Project (behind the scenes and group cast shot) and Game Face (part of a small team that developed an idea for photographs and a stop motion video trailer - used online, in print and shown on the BBC Big Screen in Leicester city centre). I also photographed other productions including Serious Money and Fen.

I worked closely with Curve over a period of 9 months on a large project to celebrate their 5th birthday in 2013. This work can be seen in The Life of Curve: A Year in Production.

Off The Fence theatre company

I worked with Off The Fence for 18 months to photograph performances, rehearsals, behind the scenes and promotional material including professional head shots and group cast shots. My work was used in theatre programmes, online and as posters.

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Theatre performance. Two people sat next to each other with their arms out pretending to drive a car.   ···  
Theatre performance. Woman with glasses sat at table.   ···  
Theatre performance. Woman dressed in regal outfit.   ···  
Theatre performance. Man sat at desk in conversation with woman.   ···  
Theatre performance. Women sat on chair leaning on arm.   ···  
Theatre performance. Woman talking to man, looking unimpressed.   ···  
Theatre performance. Woman sat at a desk on a phone looking worried.   ···  
Theatre performance. Three men with party hats letting off party poppers.   ···  
Theatre performance. Man kneeling down next to chair looking at audience.   ···  
Theatre performance. Two men sat on chairs. A third man in the middle with no clothes, holding a sign that says 'Dan Nicholas' Conversation Garden'   ···  
Theatre performance. A man with his back to the audience with no clothes, walking off stage.   ···  
Theatre performance. A man playing a guitar while two people dance in the background.   ···  
Theatre performance. A woman in distress crouched on the floor pointing a gun at a man.   ···  
Theatre performance. A woman cradling a man on the floor.   ···  
Theatre performance. A woman stood behind a chair looking at someone.   ···  
Theatre performance. A woman sat on a chair looking thoughtful.   ···  
Performance artist dancing with black billowing fabric.   ···  
Performance artist dancing with black billowing fabric.   ···  
Performance artist dancing with black billowing fabric.   ···  
Theatre performance. Two women sat down looking at each other.   ···  
Theatre performance. Woman with arm outstretched to the audience.   ···  
Theatre performance. Three people in a row holding their arms around themselves.   ···  
Theatre performance. Woman stood in a church.   ···  
Theatre performance. Woman pointing at the audience.   ···  
Theatre performance. Woman kneeling on floor with bucket, picking potatoes.   ···  
Theatre performance. Woman holding knife looking at person.   ···  
Theatre performance. Man staring into the distance.   ···  
Theatre performance. Woman holding another woman by the cuff of her jumper threateningly against a wall.   ···  
Behind the scenes rehearsal. Two actors holding scripts.   ···  
Behind the scenes rehearsal. Two actors holding scripts, one pointing off into the distance.   ···  
Behind the scenes rehearsal. People sat on the floor singing.   ···  
Poster for theatre production promotion. One man giving another a leg up over a brick wall.   ···  
Poster for theatre production promotion. Two men looking over a brick wall.   ···  
Woman dancing - rolling on floor with legs pointing outwards.   ···  
Woman sat cross legged on floor.   ···  
Group of dancers with one leg in the air, leaning backwards.   ···  
Single dancer in the foreground with arms outstretched, with other dancers behind.   ···  
Person falling, being supported by two others, after being stabbed by someone.   ···  
Person looking at another over the top of a chair.   ···  
Man sat down in bowler hat, talking.   ···  
Two men in bowler hats stood with their arms up.   ···  
Group of actors looking at camera, holding a chalkboard against a brick wall.   ···  
Actor holding a chalkboard against a brick wall.   ···  
Large group of actors stood and sat against a brick wall.   ···  
Group of actors sat on chairs in a dark studio.   ···  
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